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Grrltechie the Technomancer
24 March
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Most of my days are spent chasing printers and trying not to say what I really think of the user on the other end of my phone. I'm a wage slave and fairly content at it...I'm too lazy to run my own business and more than happy to do what I'm told. Most of the time.

What you'll find here are my rants (in an attempt to spare those near and dear from them) and my observations on the techier side of life. If you're a friend, you might even get a peek into my wilder side. Otherwise, expect a lot of self centered whiney-ness and lame attempts at humor. Oh, and a fair number of links. And probably some of those quiz type things that bloggers like to clutter up their space with. And whatever the hell else I can come up with. Got any suggestions?
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